Monday, April 21, 2014

Bamboo 4.6ft Double Divan Set with 4 Drawers Memory Foam, Pocket Spring

Brand: Bamboo
Description :
Memory Foam and Pocket Spring system Mattress incorporating 1000 individual pockets.
The bed stands beautifully on chrome legs.
The mattress has been manufactured with quality memory foam, reflex foam and pocket system. It also keeps cool & dry, with moisture absorbing material and anti-bacterial qualities.
These mattresses inherently seek to contour to the body shape of any person resting on them. They are readily capable of maintaining the spine’s double S shape and help prevent localised pressure points building against critical parts of the body.
Mattresses and beds of this type provide superior orthopedic characteristics and rest the entire body.
It also has the traditional pocket sprung mattress beneath the foam consisting of individual springs encased in their own fabric pocket. Due to the fact that they are not wired together each spring is able to move more independently. It is said the pocket sprung system is probably the most comfortable inner spring mattress.
The mattress has flag stitched handles and air vents to allow fresh breathing into the material.
Headboard NOT included. However, the base is designed to easily fit a headboard on either end of the bed.
Delivered to your door.
We will contact you prior to delivery to confirm your address and time of delivery.
Length: 6.3ft (75″ approx)
Width: 4.6ft (55″ approx.)
Mattress Depth: 300mm (12″ approx.)

Features :
  • Memory foam – Built on NASA technology, reacts to body heat and supports body shape
  • Pocket sprung system with 1000 individual pockets
  • Temperature control technology – Keeps cool and dry
  • Eco-friendly bamboo yarn
  • Made in the UK conforming to the British Standards

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